Mending of a slashed tire
New brake pads in front


Tightening of overflow pipe for petrol tank
New rear silencer
Rubber spacers for rear springs
Cleaning of switch for indication lamp for engine fault


Hammer out a big dent of left front rim
New transmission belt for generator
New covers for driving shaft
Welding of exhaust pipe
New gear box oil + engine oil
New air filter + coupe filter
New metal spacers instead of the rubber spacers
Rubbing and waxing of the car


Put in Mad-springs inside the rear springs
Mending of rust at the front frame
New fuel filter


Three flat tires
Four new tires


250 000 kilometers service at SAAB garage
Front wheel alignment


New brake pads in the front
New right front headlight glass
New outer right mirror
Fix central lockning
Fix outer door handle
Mend the car alarm
New left front bumper
1 000 kilometers service at SAAB garage


New shock absorbers in front


Fix the muffler again
Fix a broken turn light glass.


Car burglary and fixing of a side window
New inner axel joints, left and right
Welding of exhaust pipe, twice in one week
New waterpump
New thermostat
Four new tires