27/6: Bratislava, Slovakia
Lat N 48° 11,34', Long E 17° 11,25'
Today: 82.4 °F ( +28 °C)
27 Jun 2005
4615 km

When we woke up there was a police car outside the tent of our neighbors. They had been burgled for a rucksack, passports etcetera, while they were asleep.

It was not easy to find an Internetcafe were we could connect our laptop. We had to try several places before we where allowed to connect our own. This has never been a problem before. Most of the day passed trying to solve this problem. But we managed to take a walk around town to.

In the evening our super nice neighbors Lee and Marc from Australia came to visit us. You just have to love guys this. They are traveling around Europe for six months. They said that they where sad because they no longer had the coolest car at the campsite…

28/6: Bratislava, Slovakia
Lat N 48° 11,34', Long E 17° 11,25'
Today: 87.8 °F ( +31 °C)
28 Jun 2005
4615 km

When we woke up this morning we discovered that Berts sneakers where gone. Bert had left them on the stairs outside the car, but Catharinas clogs with a bright yellow flower pattern the thief obviously didn’t like. Even though there are gatekeepers looking like Hells Angels and guards patrolling the area around the clock, a lot of things seem to happen here.

We spent the day at the beach, after doing a huge pile of laundry. In the afternoon an other coupe from Australia that we met in Krakow, Poland came rolling in to the campsite. It is a small world. We also met a couple from Scotland who has been traveling in their enormous camper for five years. But when you think of the fact that they are living permanently in the car it is not really that big.

In the evening we helped Lee and Marc to arrange a barbeque. It felt really good to have a meal at “home” for change. At the barbeque we were a gang of people in different age and from different parts of the world, but with a surprisingly similar way of looking at life - to dare to choose your own life, not being afraid of everything unknown and the urge to do new things and think new thoughts.

29/6: Bratislava, Slovakia
Lat N 48° 11,34', Long E 17° 11,25'
Today: 78.8 °F ( +26 °C)
29 Jun 2005
4615 km

Bert went to the Ukrainian embassy today to check the opportunities for us to get a visa, because Bert wants to go to Kiev to look at the possibilities to buy a Dneper motorcycle with a sidecar. The good news was as EU citizens we didn’t need a visa during the summer period, so this means that we will probably go there.

In the evening we played ”terrain minigolf”. The lanes where in really poor shape, and to win or loose had noting to do with skills. On the way home Catharina fed the poor cats with Whiskas.

30/6: Bratislava, Slovakia
Lat N 48° 11,34', Long E 17° 11,25'
Today: 78.8 °F ( +26 °C)
30 Jun 2005
4615 km

It is now time to move on. We got a few of recommendations for where to go and what to se in Slovakia from Ivana and Lubomir, who we met at the barbeque the other night. Now we head for the High Tatras mountains. First stop was the aqua park in Seneo for a few hours and then the SPA-town Pist-any with its thermal baths.

1/7: Trecin, Slovakia
Lat N 48° 45,98', Long E 17° 51,40'
Today: 73.4 °F ( +23 °C)
01 Jul 2005
4828 km

At the campsite where we spent the night they were rigging for rock concert with this weekend, so we did set of early for once. The tips we got for beautiful roads to chose were excellent.

When we arrived at the High Taras Mountins we saw enormous areas of thorn and totally damaged woods. In November 2004 there had been a hurricane with winds of 200 kilometer/hour for four hours. It was a total devastation.

2/7: High Tantras Mountains, Slovakia
Lat N 49° 09,08', Long E 20° 19,23'
Today: 57.2 °F ( +14 °C)
02 Jul 2005
5144 km

The rain was poring down when we woke up this morning, and the clouds were hanging low over the mountaintops. We canceled our plans for a trekking. Instead we took the train between the villages. It took us a few journeys to get the hang of the ticket system. This resulted that we got a fine of 2$ each for not having a valid ticket.

We had an excellent and filling lunch for only 6$ per person. In the evening we went to ride bob sledge. Great fun!

3/7: High Tantras Mountains, Slovakia
Lat N 49° 09,08', Long E 20° 19,23'
Today: 75.2 °F ( +24 °C)
03 Jul 2005
5144 km

Today is our wedding day. We celibrated it at – Aqua City & SPA in Poprad. We started out with a hard workout at the gym. After that we played in water slides and in the thermal baths.

We ended the day with a tree hour visit at SPA facilities. Except for traditional SPA activities as Devis dry sauna and Hell hot steam sauna and there was several different aroma steam sauna, Hot & Cold Waterway, Herbal inhalation, Salt Cave, Tropical rain/Ice rain, Massage Shower, Warm relax beds, Ice bath and Snow Cave. This was really something to do, and we were totally exhausted leaving the SPA. We really recommend a visit here!

4/7: High Tantras Mountains, Slovakia
Lat N 49° 09,08', Long E 20° 19,23'
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
04 Jul 2005
5144 km

Nice weather for trekking, +10° C at the top and no rain – at last. We took the cabin lift above the three line and took a four hour trek to the next village. The mountains are very peaky and beautiful. They are kind of small but they look big at sight. The trails are rocky and kind of hard to walk. After a day at the gym and one day of hiking our legs and feet are really tired.

5/7: High Tantras Mountains, Slovakia
Lat N 49° 09,08', Long E 20° 19,23'
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
05 Jul 2005
5144 km

Today we drove to Michalove, the Slovakian town closest to the Ukrainian border. We want to cross the border early in the day, because we expect this passage to be a bit trickier than the earlier ones. And it is always good to arrive in a new country early in the day to get time to exchange money, learn how the system works and to find accommodation. We have not a clue about anything concerning the Ukraine, no guidebook - nothing. It was not a part of our plan to go to the Ukraine, the idea came up in Bratislava.

Along the way we found a quite different café, housed in a Russian copy of the DC3 aero plane.

6/7: Michalove, Slovakien
Lat N 48° 77,70', Long E 21° 58,10'
Today: 71.6 °F ( +22 °C)
06 Jul 2005
5399 km

We went in to town to post a package of Slovakian Brandy to a friend in Sweden. The visit to the post office took time and effort. In a shop nearby they helped us to make a durable packet.

As expected this border crossing caused a lot more hassle than the earlier, much depending on an asshole stretching his power to the limit. The currency and the medicine that we carry was biggest issue. It took us more than two hours of constant hassle to get through, and still they didn’t even take a look at the car.

We could not find a campsite, instead we parked outside a small hotel in the middle of nowhere. At the bar we met a gang of Moldavian road workers. Two 0,5 liters of beer and 8 centiliters of vodka cost 1$.