Truck Stop, Hungary
N 046░ 59.659 E 019░ 36.278 ->
Today: 89.6 °F ( +32 °C)
21 Jul 2017
39622 km

Found a city camp in Budapest in the morning, had some lunch and then took the underground in to the center of town. Budapest is a nice city with the bridges across the Donau, all the old thermal baths and all the small restaurants. Really worth a visit for those who has not been here.

Budapest, Hungary
N 047░ 28.537 E 019░ 05.019 ->
Today: 93.2 °F ( +34 °C)
22 Jul 2017
40053 km

Rain today, means a perfect day to hit the road again. In the afternoon the sun came out again and we stopped at Lake Heviz, a natural thermal lake. This has been a resort since forever. The air was +34░ C and the water was +32░ - not cooling at all. But it was still nice to just float around in the lake.

The spring puts out 410 liter of water per second. This means that all the water in the lake is renewed every forth day. There is also a salt cave there and a mud bath. But we did not try the mud bath. It was far too messy and sticky.

Lake Heviz, Hungary
N 046░ 46.957 E 017░ 11.701 ->
Today: 93.2 °F ( +34 °C)
23 Jul 2017
39885 km

Now we are heading for the Mediterrainian. Especially Catharina is longing for beach, sun and rest. We havenĺt had that since in Goa six months ago. In the evening we finally arrived at the Adriatic Sea.

We were lucky to find a campsite to a reasonable price, 16 Euro per night. It is a small private campsite right at the beach. At larger campsites you have to pay 35-50 Euro per night. That is ridiculous, the same as you pay for a hotel room.