Serbia & Montenegro
 Serbia & Montenegro

1/9 Batrace, Montenegro
Lat N 42 55,77', Long E 20 22,07'
Today: 86 °F ( +30 °C)
01 Sep 2005
14072 km

Today it was only +14C when we woke up. It has not been this cool since Poland in the beginning of June. But on the other hand we where at 800 meter in the mountains and it was quite a fog.

There were a few checkpoints in Montenegro close to the Kosovo border where we had to show our pass ports, but after that there were no more hassle.

We stopped to take a break and have some coffee along the way, and for the first time we forgot the stool when we left. This gave us an extra ride of 70 kilometers to go back and get it. We were lucky it was still there when we came back.

We got a bit surprised when we used the ATM machine. Everywhere that we had seen the all the prices were in Dinar, and of course we thought that this was the currency used in this country. But not so, in the ATM machine there was only Euro. We got a bit confused, and had to ask a lady passing by what currency they actually are using, and it showed to be Euro.

2/9 Budva, Montenegro
Lat N 42 17,08', Long E 18 51,67'
Today: 89.6 °F ( +32 °C)
02 Sep 2005
14408 km

Budva is yet another beach resort with loads of big hotels and a nice back drop, but we feel that we are getting a bit hard to please. Instated of staying we went to Cetinje that is the old capital of Montenegro and Kontor on our way to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

When we came over the mountains to Kontor that has the deepest fjord in the south of Europe, we were close enough to throw a rock at the town and still the road sign said 20 kilometers to go. In Kontor there was a very nice middle age town surrounded by a wall that climbs up the mountain side to the fort that sits high over the town. Now when the season is nearly over there is not al lot of tourists here.

We met Ingo from Germany. He really breaks us when it comes to traveling. Three weeks ago he started from Germany and plan to go around the world at his motorbike during five years. Read more about Ingo at

The border passage to Croatia was quick and easy. In the evening we arrived in Dubrovnik, with its shiny marble streets and alleys. The old part of Dubrovnik was under a severe shelling 1991-1992. We saw a map over the town where all the hits were marked with a black dot, and it a lot of black dots! But walking around in town we did not see any signs of the hits. It was nice to in Dobrovnik of season; we guess it is really crowed otherwise.