27/5: Glycksburg, Germany
Lat N 54° 50,80', Long E 09° 32,38'
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
27 May 2005
1560 km

We followed the coastline across Germany. Finally the summer has arrived. Now it feels OK to stay in northern Europe a bit longer.

Late in the evening we arrived at the border crossing at Swinoujscie. We got informed that we could not cross the border with a car because this crossing was only for pedestrians. We were tired and needed a place to park for the night, so we asked at fire station. A fire fighter showed us the way to the harbor.

28/5: Usedom, Germany
Lat N 53° 52,25', Long E 13° 55,65'
Today: 89.6 °F ( +32 °C)
28 May 2005
1900 km

This morning we where already on the road at 08.20 AM. We noticed that another camper also had parked for the night in the harbor. There where also a home made catamaran for sale at the docks for 48 000 Euro.

Now we head for the Polish border, again but this time 150 kilometers south at Stettin. They say is it possible for a car to pass the border there. After an uncomplicated border control we went strait north for the sea. It is really hot now, +32° C. Lovely!

We found a camping right by the beach ”Bialy Dom” for 11$ a night. In Poland the beer is only 1,30$ per half a litre.