20/5 2007 Tallin, Estonia
Lat N 59 21,29', Long E 24 37,65'
Today: 68 °F ( 20 °C)
20 May 2007
81992 km

We have spent the day walking around in the nice warm sunshine in Tallin Old Town. Bert just loves blue sky, since his pictures turns out so nice then. Catharina was popping in and out of small stores all day.

It has been a real holiday feeling over Tallin today. The town is completely packed with tourists. Especially Swedish tourists that came with the cruise ship from Stockholm.

The middleage seems to be very popular here in Tallin. When we were here three years ago we had dinner at Old Hansa. The staff was dress in old style clothes; the interior was middleage theme, the food and the drink too. It was a fun experience. But now the whole town seems to have been infected by the middleage bug. Everything is middleage.