Border, Russia-Finland
Lat N 60° 18,04', Long E 29° 48,22'
Today: 53.6 °F ( 12 °C)
23 May 2007
82557 km

Oh my god, 1,40 Euro per liter petrol! We are already want to go back to Russia, where the petrol is less than half the price. Luckily we filled up our tank before we crossed the border. But the roads in Finland are like a dream. We are so very sick and tired of all shitty roads potholes and bumps.

We are going to make a couple of days driving north through Finland to relive ourselves from the bad Russian road up to Murmansk. By the arctic circle we turn right again for a short visit to the Murmansk area and the Kola Peninsula.

We were hoping for a pleasant journey through the land of the 1000 lakes, but there was only rain and endless woods. The 1000 lakes we didn’t see at all.

Instead we came across an peculiar installation called ” Peaceful people”. It was just there, in a field in the middle of nowhere.

Wild Camp Polcirkeln, Finland
Lat N 66° 21,84', Long E 29° 02,11'
Today: 50 °F ( 10 °C)
24 May 2007
83439 km

Now we have crossed the polar circle. Today we also have great weather with sunshine. But it is still cold and we see traces of the winter snow here and there and the ice on the lakes is still lingers. Up here we see a lot more lakes and river than down south; even though the map tells us that it is down south all the lakes are supposed to be found.

There are a lot of rein deer’s running back and forth across the road up here. It is the Sami people, that is to be found all over Northern Scandinavia who keeps them. To see rein deer’s running loose comes completely natural to us, but when we see cows, horses, goats, sheep’s and camels do the same in other countries, we think it is exotic. Strange isn’t it?

At the border town of Salle we turned right and all of a sudden we where back in Russia again . As soon as we crossed the border the very nice, smooth Russian road turned in to gravel and dirt road again. We went strait for the Kola Peninsula and the White Sea.

After a few hours driving the beautiful White Sea Bay opened up next to the road. We followed the coast line for 100 kilometers to the town of Umba.