Catharina had 4 shots at the same time. Phew!

As we have travelled a lot earlier we already had a quite good protection. But that did not stop us from getting a whole lot of shots... Quite an expensive pleasure, 570 $ for both of us. At the hospital we got four shots each, to be followed by two more. We also got two different kinds of malaria pills and allergy medicine to prevent the bad infected mosquito bites that Catharina always gets abroad.

We apply for visa at embassies along the way.

Carnet de Passage
In some countries outside Europe you need a Carnet de Passage to bring the car in to a country. It is a kind of passport for the car. Some countries don't want you to sell or leave the car in their country. With a Carnet de Passage they make sure that you bring your car when you leave. To get the Carnet de Passage for our car/camper we needed to depose $5714 at Motormännen. How much money you need to depose is depending on how much your car is worth and what countries you plan to visit.

Erik Nyman at Motormännen checks out our SAAB.

Registration and insurance
Documents of car registration and, green card and insurance must be brought. The green card is issued by the insurance company.

Protection and safety equipments

  • Car block.
  • Anti-robbery ignition lock.
  • Two way car alarm.
  • Safe.
  • Lockable wheel bolts.
  • An extra window (plexi) in case of a burglary.

International driver's licence
Within the EU we can use our Swedish driver's licences. But in other countries we need an international driver's licence. Both of us keep a three year and a one year international driver's licence. Some countries demands the one year and others the three year licence.

Everyone usually have a 45 day travel insurance included in their home insurance. A travel insurance for a longer stay abroad is expensive. We have taken a Gouda travel insurance for 1 043 $/person per year. We also bring the European health insurance card.