10/9 Lake Balaton, Hungary
Lat N 46° 42,86', Long E 17° 18,76'
Today: 78.8 °F ( +26 °C)
10 Sep 2005
16595 km

When we woke up we stayed in bed peeping out the window trying to figure out how things work out at a naturist campsite. The camping guests that thought it was chilly in the morning had a t-shirt on, but most of them were walking around completely naked. We got used to it real fast

Our plan was to spend the day at the beach of the Lake Balton. Unfortunately the weather put an end to that idea, instated we got two days in Budapest. The food in Hungary was just as tasy as Catharina remembers from her visit 18 years ago.

11/9 Budapest, Hungary
Lat N 47° 28,58', Long E 19° 04,99'
Today: 80.6 °F ( +27 °C)
11 Sep 2005
16788 km

This was the most expensive campsite this far 27 $ a night, but with a laundry machine free of charge. We did two laundry’s to make up for the high price.

We started the day at the Gellert hill, were there is a fantastic view over Budapest. After that we visited the old and beautiful thermal bath at the hotel Gellert.

The afternoon we spent at an amusement park were there were a few really old fashion merry-go-rounds . We took a ride in a wooden rollercoaster from 1922 . It was a much better ride than we had expected.

We got caught in the underground for not having a valid ticket on the way back to the center. But we managed to get ourselves out of that situation without paying a heavy fine. Not to risk getting caught again, we walked the rest of the way to the small local restaurant where we was to have dinner; a very tasty beef tartar.

12/9 Budapest, Hungary
Lat N 47° 28,58', Long E 19° 04,99'
Today: 87.8 °F ( +31 °C)
12 Sep 2005
16788 km

Now we have a distance of 1300 kilometers to cover in three days to reach Albena in Bulgaria, in time for Kajsa and Martins arrival.

Today we got up early to cover the first bit to Beograd in Serbia, a distance of 400 kilometers. Stopped at a truck stop restaurant just before we reached the border to have lunch. We had to eat Hungarian Goulash at least once before we leave the country. We bought a couple of huge sandwiches as food for the journey. The prices were a fraction of what they were in Budapest.

We stopped for a few hours to take a look at Beograd and to have dinner, after that we continued our trip towards Nis.