28/11 Zahedan, Iran
Lat N 29° 29,29', Long E 60° 52,12'
Today: 50 °F ( +10 °C)
28 Nov 2005
29669 km

The Indian consul told us that we should try to reach Quetta the same day and not to stop anywhere amongst the road. The first part in Pakistan, Baluchistan, is kind of lawless and it is stupid to leave the highway.

The border passing went really well. It took one and a half hour and didn’t cost a nickel. The road to Quetta was a disaster, sand, big holes and very narrow.

When we got out from the border passing we were a bit confused about what side we should drive on. We tried to see how the other road-users did but we couldn’t figure it out at first. After a while we began to see that most of them seemed to be driving on the left side so we decided to do so as well.

The roads are filled with beautiful trucks. They are extremely decorated with all sorts of colors and small silver pieces that glitters in the sun.

Bought smugglers petrol at the black market. We paid 18$ for 30 liters. Wherever we stop the Pakistanis (men) gather all around us. They come real close and watch our every movement.

We didn’t get to Quetta today. When it got dark we stopped in Dalbandin at a hotel, the only in Dalbandin, not clean and no hot water.

Right after us came our Japanese friend on his motorbike. We had dinner and smuggler beer. Two beers cost same as the room. We had another nice surprise, the food is real tasty! Remained us of Indian cousin.

29/11 Dalbandin, Pakistan
Lat N 28° 53,12', Long E 64° 24,12'
Today: 44.6 °F ( +7 °C)
29 Nov 2005
30078 km

This morning was dead cold, only +4°C. Drove to the desert and stopped for breakfast in the middle of nowhere. Still, after a few minutes, we were surrounded by a couple of Pakistanis. Some came by foot, and some by motorbike. Unbelievable. Our Japanese friend also came and he joined us for a cup of tea.

The whole day we drove through the desert. Every now and then we pass check points. We put our names and passport numbers in their logbook so that they know where we last was seen if something should happen to us. That is good.

30/11 Quetta, Pakistan
Lat N 30° 11,63', Long E 67° 00,63'
Today: 48.2 °F ( +9 °C)
30 Nov 2005
30421 km

Yesterday we found out that the road we planned to take is not safe. Apparently it is Taliban territory. We got the advice to go via Shikarpur in Sind province instead. This means that we have to stay in Pakistan one day longer than we thought but it doesn’t matter. We begin to like Pakistan and its people.

When we got to Shikarpur we had a hard time finding the only hotel there. Local police soon spotted us and took us under their wings. After checking in we had to go to the police station for signing in and after that they escorted us back to the hotel where they posted themselves outside our door.

We got the VIP-room, check out the toilet in it…

When we had dinner a journalist came from the local newspaper and interviewed us.

Later the chief of police invited Bert on “English tea” which was the cover up for Scotch whiskey. He informed us that he had posted three police officers to watch for us and our car the whole night.

Why all this, what happens? Should we be worried for the situation or what?

1/12 Shikarpur, Pakistan
Lat N 27° 56,49', Long E 68° 38,29'
Today: 64.4 °F ( +18 °C)
01 Dec 2005
30785 km

Tio timmars poliseskort fördelat på 20 bilar och en moped, med i snitt fyra k-pistbeväpnade poliser i varje bil är en kort sammanfattning av dagen.

The police force of Shikarpur took its task really seriously. They escorted us, first out of town, then out of the province and finally they ended up escorting us all the way to Multan, a nice little drive for about 12 hours!

Since the police officers don’t speak English it is hard for us to get any information at all. We tried to ask about which roads that are dangerous and why, but we don’t get it. We found out that they will come back tomorrow morning to continue the escort and we still don’t know why this is happening.

2/12 Multan, Pakistan
Lat N 30° 12,07', Long E 71° 27,17'
Today: 64.4 °F ( +18 °C)
02 Dec 2005
31209 km

This morning a couple of police officers where waiting for us in the lobby. We asked if this was really necessary and they told us that this area is safe but they had orders to get us to Lahore safely.