Serbia & Montenegro
 Serbia & Montenegro

13/9 Nis, Serbia
Lat N 43° 40,70', Long E 21° 32,88'
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
13 Sep 2005
17402 km

Stopped for the night at ”Bates Motel”. They had over 50 rooms and we where the only guests. We are pleased to have our car to sleep in. This means we do not have to stay at cheep shabby hotel rooms – the only kind that our budget can take. But shabby rooms like this are good enough for us to take a shower and use the toilet.

We stayed for lunch in Nis and to finish our local currency. We got two big pita bread sandwiches with chicken and loads of filling, a large beer, a DVD-film and two ice cream for 9 $.

In Serbia there are a lot of policemen. You find them everywhere – especially in the towns. In spite of that the parking chaos is absolutely total. The policemen are handing out fines all day long, but no one seems to care about it.

Sofia, is the capital of Bulgaria and it is not far from Nis at all. The border passage went smooth, but when we tried to pay the road tax in the local currency LEVA it was not possible. As a foreigner we had to pay in Euro. It feels kind of wired that they do not except their own currency in their own country.

Jet another quick stop in a big town, this time in Sofia. We had dinner and took a stroll around town for a few hours. In Sofia there are also a few memories for the past communist area, for example the former communist party building, from 1955.