9/9 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Lat N 46 05,91', Long E 14 31,16'
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
09 Sep 2005
-197279 km

We started the day by going in to Ljubljana, a rather small town to be a capital with only 200 000 inhabitants. The pace of the town was relaxed and easy, and the open-air cafs and restaurants were crowded with locals. Between the old bridges there were a market and stalls of souvenirs.

Slovenia feels like any other West European country. Everything is well organized and the prices are high. It is hard to trace any signs of the former East European heritage.

In the evening we passed the border to Croatia for the third time in a few weeks. When we were close to Zagreb the dark and rainy clouds were hanging low over the town. We decided to continue to Hungary instead.

We found a camp site at the south tip of the Hungarian Lake Balaton a campsite for naturists. Super, we said! None of us had ever been to a naturist campsite before.