Walenstadt, Schweiz
N 47░ 04.013', E 09░ 24.052' ->
Today: 71.6 °F ( 22 °C)
20 Aug 2016
2638 km

After a late night update for our travel blog, our first on this trip, we crossed the border to Switzerland to park for the night. This morning we woke up a little sour after yesterdays trek. It great here in Switzerland, here and there along the road there are spring water taps. That makes it easy to fill up our freshwater containers.

We stopped at a petrol station to go to the toilet. And wow what a toilet it was. When we opened the door, the birds started singing and the walls were decorated with trees, flowers and butterflies. On top of that the smell was lovely. Socar is our new favorite petrol station.

Switzerland is also very beautiful with narrow streets, small villages and lots of flowers. We are trying to stay away from the highways now. To drive on the highways we need to buy a Vignette for 40 Euro. It is a kind of highway tax. And when we travel the small roads we get too see and experience much more, for example this. The highway is passing right over it.

We started the day with climbing over the Klausen pass, 1 948 m. The next one was S:t Gotthard pass, 2 106 m. It was very cloudy on top. There are three ways to cross S:t Gotthard, through the tunnel, by tarmac road over the pass or by the very old brick road over the pass called Tremola. We choose the charming brick road with its narrow curves, of course. We were really surprised that an old road like that could be in such good condition.

We have crossed several high pass today. And it has been ha tough day for our Saab. But it will likely to be worse later on during our trip. This is a pre-season training for our new Saab. We stopped for the night at Neufenen pass at 2 487 m. tonight we will need warm clothes and a thick blanketů

Neufenen pass, Schweiz
N 46░ 28.625', E 08░ 23.154' ->
Today: 77 °F ( 25 °C)
21 Aug 2016
2844 km

The heavy clouds didnĺt break up this morning. And it was freezing, +3 degrees Celsius outside and +6 degrees Celsius in the car. Catharina was served coffee in bed, then we jumped in our clothes and went down to lower grounds were it was warm and sunny, to have breakfast.

Today it is Sunday and everything seem to be closed except petrol stations and restaurants. As we are getting closer to the French border there are wine yards all over the palace. As soon as we passed Agentiere in France, the beautiful and snow capped Mont Blanc, 4 810 m turn up. We stopped to have lunch and to enjoy the view.

Today it was an article in the local newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning about us and our journey, four pages and a 3 minute film published at their website. We have not seen it, since we havenĺt found a fast enough internet connection. But our friend Kajsa did sends us a photo of the newspaper article. The reporter Maria Eilertsen at Sundsvalls Tidning made the interview a couple of days before we left.

Also Andrei from Bulgaria have discovered that we are on the road again. Andrei is the one that have made a model car in limited edition of our Saab and Toppola. They are exact copies of our car, in every detail. Maybe he will make a new one with our white car too.