Wurtsburg, Germany
N 049 29.084, E 010 12.701 ->
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
17 Aug 2016
2189 km

We stopped for the night at a truck stop outside Wurtsburg. Before we went to bed we took a shower. At some petrol stations they have showers for the truck drivers. A shower cost 3 Euro per person. But both of us managed to sneak in for the price of one. We have to keep our costs low.

A morning routine is to check the oil, water etcetera for our car. This is especially important now. We are not that familiar with our car, since we bought it this winter and we have only driven it for like 150 km before our trip. But the car is 24 years old, and feels like it is brand new.

We have also checked how much petrol it consumes, 1 liter per 10 kilometers, fully loaded and at 110 km/h on the autobahn. We are really pleased with that!

In the evening we entered Lichtenstein. A campsite asked for 34 Euro for one night. That is far too expensive for us. That would add up to 12 400 Euro for one year in just camping fees.

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