Valloire, France
N 45 12.149, E 06 26.651 ->
Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
22 Aug 2016
3180 km

We spend the night at jet another pass, but this time at a not so high pass and therefore not that cold. We have seen enough of pass for now we think. And the Saab has got enough training. The mountains are great but now we want to go down to the planes at the Mediterranean to get some sun.

This morning we found a good enough internet connection. Now we also have seen the film that Sundsvalls Tidning made. It was fun. The reporter told us that it had already 7 000 viwers. They normally have 3 000 viewers. Then we went down to Lac-de-Serre-Poncon, a big lake. Now everything feels like it is supposed to. Blue sky, sun, +30 degrees in the air and + 22 degrees in the water. Lovely! We stopped for lunch and a swim. We needed a good scrub. It has been a couple of days since the last time.

In the evening we arrived in Grand Canyon du Verdon. The very own Grand Canyon of France. But it is hard to get good pictures that make it justice. We stayed the night at the Canyon.

Grand canyon du Verdon, France
N 43 43.767', E 06 23.294' ->
Today: 86 °F ( 30 °C)
23 Aug 2016
3457 km

Today we went to Grasse to meet up with some friends Anna and Tad, who were in Grasse on vacation visiting relatives. After meeting them we decided to go along the French Riviera towards Italy. We started in Cannes, where we got our left rear mirror broken by a meeting car, overtaking another one. The car was far in on our side of the road. There was a big bam, and shattered glass came in the car, through the open window. The other car just disappered in the traffic. Hopefully he got a lot of damage to his car. Lunatic!

Twenty kilometers later, right outside Nice we got a flat tire. We hit a sharp object that someone dropped on the road, but we noticed it right away and took out the repair-kit. It was good that Bert already tested the repair gear at home. The tire was mended in just 5 minutes. Not too much air had disappeared, so we did not have to take out the compressor. Instead we could drive to the next petrol station to fill it up. Now it really feels good to have the tire pressure meter.

The traffic is quite bad here at the Riviera. About 90 percent of the cars have dents and scratches, some of them all over the car. There are great opportunities for someone who wants to start a driving school here. Or maybe the French are completely unfit to drive a car.

We found it impossible to find a parking lot to get out of the car for a while. Many of the parking lots had a bar over the entrance 2.30 meter high. It is impossible for us to get in there. Finally we found a view point where we could make some lunch, at 7 PM. By then we were absolutely starving.

After the very late lunch we were fit for fight again. And we moved on to the tiny country Monaco and the Monte Carlo Casino, before we drove the last ten kilometers to the Italian border. Wow, this has been a very long day.