Nendeln, Lichtenstein
N 047 11.540, E 009 32.367 ->
Today: 78.8 °F ( +26 °C)
18 Aug 2016
2551 km

In Lichtenstein everything is small and cute. Only 37 000 lives in this country. Every inch of the country where it is possible to bulid someting is taken, the rest is high mountains and steep walls. In the morning we took a stroll around the town Vaduz. The streets are narrow, the houses are small and stand tight together.

After that we had to take care of the mission of today. Fix our leaking roof. We had that problem already at home. But we thought we had fixed it. But no. After yesterdays hard rain during the night it was still there. But now we think that we know what the problem is, the left corner of the roof window. We brought glue, but now we need to get a glue gun. And we have to go to Switzerland to buy one!

But luckily we met a man who wants to take a picture of our car. He turned out to be a forest ranger and he had a glue gun. We followed him home and fixed the leaking roof in his yard. When we were finished we were invited for coffie, and got great tips for hiking in the mountains and place to park by a lake up in the mountains. We were actually thinking of taking a swim in the lake, until we realized what the temperature was, +9 degrees!

The shift from sun to rain and thunder changes in a few minutes. The weather seems to be very unpredictable here. When the rain started we hid in our car and heard it pounding on our roof. But no water seemed to came in.

Steg, Lichtenstein
N 047 06.432, E 009 34.637 ->
Today: 73.4 °F ( +23 °C)
19 Aug 2016
2581 km

We woke up this morning by a bunch of barking dogs outside our car. It was a crowd of Siberian Huskeys going for a drive. You can see that the dogs really love this.

It was worth the wait. Today it was better weather for trekking. We did a 7 hour trek in the mountains with a 1 000 meter climb. It is really beautiful here. And everywhere we hear the cow bells all the time. Every cow has a bell. And there are many cows. But it is very relaxing and peaceful to hear the sound.

Bert came in close contact with a cow. The path crossed the cows area and across private farms and grounds.

It was a tough trek. We went uphill for like five out of seven hours. We started in Steg in the valley and went to Grapfahl, and climbed the Rappenstein 2 222 m with a 360 degree view over the mountain area. Continued across the ridge to Goldlochspitz, 2 110 m onwards to Kolme, 1 993 m. It was very slippery and muddy. It had been raining during the night.

When we got back to the car we were both sweaty and dirty. Suddenly + 9 degrees Celsius didnt seem that bad. We took a swim and even washed our hair even though it was fucking freezing - and also naked to the amusement of by passers.