Cricova, Moldavia
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13 Jul 2017
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How about this, wine tasting of seven wines already before lunch time. And such good wines too. We had no idea Moldavia was this good as a wine country with, high quality wines to very reasonable prices. When we entered the wine shop to buy some of our favorites from the wine tasting, they were only 3-4 Euro a bottle. I mean that’s insane. If we would have the space we would have definitely has bought several boxes.

Cricova Winery was a really cool place to visit. An underground city, a maze of 80 kilometers of tunnels big enough to fit a cars, with traffic lights and traffic signs and they were all production space and storage for wine. It was cool +12°C the year around – perfect conditions for wine making and storage.

We ended up 100 meter below ground were they make the Cricova, Sparkling Wine, still very old style and use the ”Metod Champenoise”, exactly like they make champagne. But they also make all the other kinds of wines like red, white and rosé.

This 3 hour visit to Cricova Winery has been the best winery visit ever. This was like extra everything; super nice place, great guide, great presentation, interesting place, the maze of tunnels and the very nice and high quality wine tasting. We just love it! This is for sure one of the highlights of our trip.