Truck Stop, Romania
N 046 12.417 E 027 39.302 ->
Today: 69.8 °F ( +21 °C)
17 Jul 2017
38517 km

We can clearly see that we are back in EU countries again. The border crossing was so smooth and quick that we hardly noticed it. Today we have covered a lot o distance to get to the Transylvanian Mountains. In the afternoon we stopped to take a quick look at the town Brasov. Then we continued to the starting point of the Transfagarasan road. Our plan is to travel it tomorrow in daylight. It is supposed to be one of the really nice roads in Rumania.

Transfagarasan road, Romania
N 045 38.063 E 024 36.783 ->
Today: 69.8 °F ( +21 °C)
18 Jul 2017
38860 km

We were really close to get burgled this morning. We were wild camping at a view point by the Transfagarasan road. Catharina woke up at 4 AM hearing a car with quite a big engine passing by slowly and she listened really carefully that the engine sound faded away for sure. And it did.

Five minutes later Catharina felt like she needed to pee and turned around to get out of the bed. Then Catharina heard someone fiddling with the lock on the back door trying to get in and she could see a torch from a flash light outside of the car. The heat nearly stopped. Here we were in the middle of nowhere and it was pitch black outside. Bad situation!

Catharina woke Bert up. We listened to what was happening and peaked out the windows, but all we could see was the torch from the flashlight and a shadow from the person searching our car from the outside. When the burglar once again came to the back door to try to brake in we shouted loudly at him. Bert got out of the bed and in his clothes and ran out with a flashlight, but by then the burglar was already gone.

We decided to stay awake until the sunrise. If they would come back we did not want to be taken by surprise. But when the daylight arrived we got back to sleep again.

Then we drove the curvy mountain road up, over the pass and down on the other side until we reached the small town of Curtea de Arges. There we looked up the house of Ancas family. Anca is a girl that Bert and Bertil met driving their motorbikes from India to Sweden in 2002, in 2005 we visited Anca and now we were back again. Unfortunately Anca was not at home, she was in Bucharest but we met Ancas mother. She was thrilled to see us again.

Sibiu, Romania
N 045 38.063 E 024 36.783 ->
Today: 89.6 °F ( +32 °C)
19 Jul 2017
38860 km

After yesterdays burglary attempt we found it best to stay at a camp site today. We reported the burglary attempt to the police today. We thought that they ought to know that this is happening in the area even if the attempt failed this time.

We met an nice Australian couple traveling on motorbikes. They had been traveling for 10 years. They go home for two months every year to work and to meet family and friends. Then they hit the road again.

20/7, Sibiu, Romania
N 045 47.026 E 024 34.025 ->
Today: 89.6 °F ( +32 °C)
20 Jul 2017
39081 km

To cover at lot of distance was the theme for day. We wanted to come all the way to Budapest and we did only stop to eat or pee. Unfortunately we have run in to several traffic jams due to road works with an hour long traffic lines.

Today we have seen a bunch of cars attending the Mongol Rally. Some cars were very nicely decorated. The cars attending cannot have a larger engine than 1.2 liter or cost more than 1 000 Euro. This means that it is really small and old cars attending. In total there are 350 cars in the race between London and Ulan Bator in Mongolia.