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Today: 55.4 °F ( +13 °C)
12 Aug 2016
0 km

This has been a crazy day. We have had so many things to do still. And the tenants from Australia, Lars, Rowina, Jasper and Kit showed up at 3 PM with their suitcases. We had also invited friends and family to come to say goodbye at 6 PM. They started to arrive at 4.30 to have a chat and “fika”.

This was far too much people and noise for our cats. And they disappeared under our house. But just minutes before we were supposed to leave one of them came out, and we could say goodbye. Our tenants are going to take care of our cats while we are away. We think they will do a great job.

At 6 PM we said goodbye to all our friends and headed for our first stop Gävle. When we arrived at Annelis house the food was almost ready. Anneli travelled with us for two months on our last trip, from Cairo to Delhi, about 8 000 km. She wants to come visit us on this trip too. It would be great fun. We will see when we can meet up.

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Today: 77 °F ( +25 °C)
13 Aug 2016
206 km

Started the day with ordering a travelers insurance and do some other paperwork we didn´t have time to do yesterday. Now we are on the road, even if we just travelled a short distance. And we have to organize the rest of the things we still need to do on the way.

Today we went shopping for things that were out of stock in Sundsvall at Mekonomen, Biltema and Teknik Magasinet. In town there was a pride-festival and lots of party people. After that we went to visit Catharina mother.

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Today: 59 °F ( +15 °C)
14 Aug 2016
229 km

We said our goodbyes to Catharinas mother and Lasse. Then we took a detour to Harnäsbadet to say goodbye to Catharinas dad Bengt, who’s ashes is spread in the lake. After that we headed south. In the car we discussed were to go now. Visit friends in Stockholm? Go south along the E4 to Denmark? Take a feery to Poland? Or even better take a ferry to Estonia? We decided to go to Kappelskär and the ferry to Estonia. Then we realized. Hmmm… it is autumn also in Estonia now. We better head south to the Mediterranean instead were it is still nice and warm.

N 57° 55.426, E 14° 19.102 ->
Today: 62.6 °F ( +17 °C)
15 Aug 2016
807 km

We spent the night at a truckstop at Vättern, one of the largest lakes in Sweden. It was cold, only 13 degrees outside and 16 degrees inside our car. It seems like a great decision to skip northern parts of Europe to go down south to the sun.

Also we needed find out how much our car, the house and all our stuff weigh. We borrowed a scale at Stena Recycling. We are 60 kg heavier than on our last trip. But we have two more sun panels, a heavier and larger battery for the house and some other stuff. But we have decided not to take our spare wheel or jerry can. Is that a good or bad decision? Well we have to find out…

Today we also passed Öresundsbron from Sweden to Denmark. So now we are actually abroad, even if Denmark is very similar to Sweden.

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