Our car a SAAB 900, 1992 with a Toppola camper is bigger than you think.
A spacious double bed covers the roof of the car. And we have made a completely new interior for this trip.
We have built stashing for clothes, food, kitchen were etcetera.
The kitchenette is equipped with zinc, tap water, a combined stove/heater and a
40 litre refrigerator that runs on solar energy.

Read about our adventures from the last trip. Dreamtrip I.

There is also a small closet, safe, stereo, 12-220 volt converter, battery chargers,
TV-antenna for a computer with a TV-card, portable shower, camper chairs and camper table.

Of course we also have tools, spare tire, extra gasoline, jumper cables,
shuffle, tow line, snow chins, repair manuals, fire out.

Despite the size of the camper we have managed to fit in a foldable table and two seats in
the in the rear where there also is room enough stand up straight.

It takes a whole lot of smart solutions to make room for two persons and all this equipment.
This is really compact living in extreme!

The weight of the camper is only 140 kg (+ our equipment). To drive it fells like a normal car.
But everywhere we go people seems to think that this is a really strange vehicle and laughs and points at us.
But that's OK with us, it is always nice to spread a little happiness...